June show

For my second show of 2003, I went into an all stock
class. It was years 1979-93. All body styles. Most were convertibles
so I felt right at home. It was an overcast day. At times I was
sure it was going to rain. Thankfully it did not. I was placed next
to a 1993 yellow feature Mustang. It had less that 6,000 miles!

I had my new sign displayed with my car. I also made
a stand for it. It seemed to get a lot of attention. It's nicely
framed in red for a patriotic color scheme.

As it happened, I was in a line of red white and blue

Alas, no trophy this time! Both cars on either side
of me did get one, though.

The car show sign

Some people at the shows I have attended seem to
know about the Feature Mustangs. Others do not. For 2003, I am plan
to display a sign when I show my car. It describes what makes my
car unique. This is not original idea; I have seen many other cars
with signs. I looked into buying one but they cost $150 and up.
So, I did it myself.. It was much cheaper since I made it with materials
I already had lying around. And, I wasn't limited in terms of graphics,
fonts, amount of text, etc. I did the layout for the sign using
many of the same tools I use to build this web site.

It measures approximately 16" x 20". It
is framed in red in such a manner that I can hang it in our reckroom
where I have many other Mustang items and it fits in perfectly.

These are the images that I used as the source for
the pictures on the sign:

These are some of my other favorites from the day I took the pictures
for the sign: