Spring 2004 Show Pictures

The first show of the season was a success. I didn’t
take home any trophies due to some stiff competition in my class
(79-93, any body style, all stock). (Actually, I have never taken
home a trophy)

I did get to meet some new people. I met Kevin who
recently moved to my area. His white feature car is really clean
. It was the first chance I have had to see another white feature
car since I have had mine. Our cars are in similar condition with
similar mileage. We compared rust and wear spots and found that
most were similar.

There was one very unfortunate incident at the show. The day was
windy with gusts at times. A vendor tent was next to the place where
cars in my class were parked. You can see it in the first photo
below. It was not anchored. A gust of wind took in up in the air
across a ’79 pace car (probably the cleanest pace car I have ever
seen and it was all original and unrestored) and the red GT next
to me and down on top of another red GT parked in front of them.
It landed legs down on the hood and hatch of the second red GT leaving
lots lots of damage and making the worst sound (metal and metal)
that can be heard at a car show. When it came off of the second
red GT it hit a black GT next to it.