Reconsidering Insurance

Probably much like many feature car owners, I have come to the realization that the book value of my car is less than what it would cost to replace the car. That has moved me to reconsider my traditional auto insurance policy. The only option my current insurance provider has available is to allow me to drop the coverage on my car (for a period of at least 30 days) while I have my car off the road during the winter months. I don’t like that option and am looking to both get better coverage for the actual value of my car and get a reduction in cost because it is a third car in a two driver household and gets driven about 2,000 miles a year.

I am aware of several carriers like Hagerty and  Grundy that provide specialty car insurance. Some won’t cover my car since it is less than 15 (or 20) years old. Some are too restrictive about use (never overnight away from its primary locked garage). My driving will be pleasure only (never used for a work commute), less that 2,500 miles a year, possibly it might be kept away from home overnight (although it never has) otherwise it will be kept in a locked garage. I have talked with a local appraiser and he said that I may not need an appraisal depending on the insurance carrier. Right now Leland West is the front runner in my consideration.

If you are using a specialty insurance carrier and/or have a stated value policy on a Mustang like mine please let me know your thoughts and experiences. Please contact me and once I decide what to do, I will post my findings here for all other owners to use as a reference.