Reunion update

Last Saturday (9/16/2006), I sent out an email to just under 200 people who I have met through this site to inform them of the planned reunion at Carlisle in 2007. I asked people to respond with their level of certainty. So far, I have 3 solid “Yes” answers and 4 maybes. I am encouraged by the response especially since it is so far away. If you don't know about the reunion, please refer to the page on it and seriously consider attending. As far as I know, there has never ever been an event like this with these cars. This is a chance to make history!

As a side note, sending this mass email was a good exercise becuase I heard back from several people I have not heard from in a while. I also heard from a couple people informing they no longer had their cars as well as almost 40 emails addresses resulted in failures. I have some housekeeping to do on my email list.

Where is everyone?

I'm really serious about arranging a meet for 1992 and 1993 feature Mustangs in 2007. The biggest question, of course, is where to have it. The reality is that there is no single location that will allow everyone to come. We all want to get together but there is a limit on how far we will drive our cars to get to something. I know that is definitely true for me. Carlisle was mentioned in the forums as well as that some clubs that are national in scope alternate between the east and west coasts for their gatherings.

To start the process, I decided to get a visual of where the registrants to this site are located. The result is two maps; one for 1992 cars and one for 1993 cars. It's a cool view of where the feature cars I know about are located that I want to share.

1993 feature Mustang locations
1992 feature Mustang locations

After looking at this information, it seems like Carlisle is worth considering. Geographically speaking, nearly 1/2 of the cars registered on this site are within 750 miles of it. Personally speaking, I wouldn't drive any farther than that so I wouldn't except others to.

The second task I am also currently addressing is to assemble a list of email addresses that I can use to get the word out. I have several sources such as the registry, forums and emails. I am working on the time intensive task of pulling together all of the addresses I have, removing those of people who I know no longer have a car and/or provided invalid email addresses and trying to remove duplicates in order to get the best list possible. Stay tuned.