Trailering your feature car to the reunion?

I would love to have a trailer for my car. Especially, to take it to the reunion next June. The only thing I worry about for that event is having to drive my car in the rain. My car has only been in the rain twice since I have owned it. Both times were unintentional as I failed to anticipate the storms. I would like to avoid that possibility and have been thinking about how I might trailer my car. There are only two problems: one, I don’t have a trailer and, two, even if I did, my ’99 Explorer doesn’t seem up to the task of pulling that load.

Coincidental to my thoughts on this, Joel recently sent me this picture from the last time he moved. He trailed his white feature car to his new home.

Mush Mule

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GMP Diecast and a very nice surprise

I received my GMP 1:18 scale diecast 1993 Yellow Feature car today! I got it through their offer to give it free when you sign up for Tom's Garage. In addition to the very nice quality it included one other surprise. The bottom of the box mentions this site! (Actually, Thom informed me of this fact yesterday when he received his car).

GMP Diecast Box

I knew that the people at GMP were aware of this site (and have posted here) but I didn't know they considered this site valuable enough to use as a resource on their box. I think that is pretty cool. Now, if they only would make a white one…