Would you believe…a feature Mustang in a 2007 music video?

Fergie Glamorous Video

You better believe it! I think the last time I saw a fox body Mustang in a music video was back in the days of Vanilla Ice. Well OK, I don’t watch too many music videos. But, Jennifer emailed me to inform me that a feature car is in the video for the recently released Glamorous by Fergie (with Ludacris). It’s in the drive-thru scene right after the lyrics “sipping reminiscing on days when I had a Mustang.” Check it out!

Getting the word out…

1990 7-up Mustang Convertible I have been in contact with Steve Cracknell who runs the 1990 7-up car registry and web site. It’s the second time I’ve emailed him. The first was after both of our web sites were mentioned in Mustang Monthly back in April 2004. He’s from Canada so Carlisle, PA is a little out of the way for him and doesn’t think he can attend. He has agreed to post an informational item on his web page about the Carlisle event and reunion. I think that is really cool and hope it will help get the word out.

It's time to register for Carlisle!

I just received the latest MCA’s Mustang Times (February 2007) and it has a news item on the Carlisle All Ford Nationals which specifically mentions their plans to display feature cars at this June 1-3, 2007 event. The news item states:

…they plan a special display of Mustang Convertible Feature Cars. Beginning in 1990, Ford produced a series of convertibles and marketed them as “Feature Cars.” The Mustang convertibles were green, red, triple white and chrome yellow. For the first time, Carlisle Events will be displaying these rare convertibles and encourage all owners of these collectibles to join the party!

I’ve known and am pretty sure I mentioned that they will be displaying an example of each feature car in their indoor display. Now its up to us to join them!

See the reunion page for details on registering. I posted information there some weeks ago as well as on the forum. So far, I have heard from no one that they have registered. I know it is the middle of winter and car shows may not be at the top of your mind. But, please make it a priority to consider it and help make it a success. I am planning on sending an email shortly to help remind people about it.