Running Fox 2.0

Attentive viewers of this web site may have noticed the new fox image that I switched to in mid-February 2007. It is used in the page header as well as in my avatar in the discussion forum. The old one was something I found in an image library and did not have official rights to use. It was a red fox that I tweaked to make look more white. I once had a question whether it was trademarked or something but I could not have done that since it was not mine to begin with.

I have wanted to correct that for a while and I finally got around to it. The new fox is one that I can call 100% my own. I always liked the idea of the running fox because it combines the “fox” body with the traditional Mustang running pony. The new fox more accurately follows the running leg position of the pony. I just thought you might find it interesting in case you were wondering about the change. As you might imagine, I like the fox a lot and even had one made into a sticker for my daily driver. Almost no one will know what it means but that doesn't bother me. I know you know what it means.

Fox sticker

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