Carlisle update

Less than two months to go! It’s been pretty quiet with not a lot happening on the planning front. I have been pretty busy with some other things so it has not received my full attention. Things are still moving, though…

Tent reservation
I submitted the tent reservation so we are all set on that. One interesting note about it is that it asked a question about how many cars attending the show are parking at the tent and how many would be parking on the show field. It further indicated next to the tent question that it is (non-competition). I was not aware there was a difference but it makes sense that cars that are competing need to be located together on the show field. I guess you will make the decision where to park once you arrive there so you have some time to think about it. Personally, I hope you forego the competitive nature of the show and park with us at the tent. That will increase the value of the photo opportunity.

On the form, I had to take a guess that most people will attend at the tent since that is what I have been communicating to people about (i.e. joining us means parking at the tent). My intent is to gather better information on where the cars attending will be parking and relay that information to the Carlisle people. In the next week or so I will be emailing those confirmed attendees where I don’t know the answer to this question on what their thoughts are. I’m also curious to find out who will be attending on what days. I am going to be updating the “expected attendees” chart with that information. If you are reading this and haven’t told me your intentions, please email me with them. That will save me some time in sending out another round of emails.

Still need a 1993 triple white (and possibly a 1992 Vibrant red)
As far as I know, a fine example of a 1993 triple white feature Mustang has not been locked in for the indoor display. I got involved very late in the process and have had no success personally in locating one. I had a lead on one from Florida with less than 100 miles on it but its owner did not return my phone call. I suspect that the trip is much too long for him to make. So, if you own or know of a triple white worthy of the indoor display, please let me know.

Also, I think they are still looking for a 1992 Vibrant Red feature car as the owner of the one that was scheduled for the indoor display has developed a scheduling conflict. So, if you own or know of one of those, please let me know that as well.

Next steps
I plan one more round of follow-up with those people who originally indicated they might attend but have not gotten back to me with a definitive answer. I had an interesting proposal from a gentleman from New Jersey on joining his group of six of seven cars into ours. Most were feature cars but two were Mclarens. He asked me if the Mclarens were acceptable. I said, of course! I am still waiting to hear back from him. I foolishly asked if they were convertibles (I think all Mclarens were). I hope I didn’t insult him.

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