Originating Dealership

UPDATE: After feedback from several people, it seems that this is not an accurate way to determine the original dealership your car came out of. I did hear from one person that he got his by calling Ford Customer Service.

If you saw my post on window stickers, one thing you might want to know as you gather information is the original dealership for your car. Most of us who are not original owners don’t know that but I think I am on to a way to determine it. The My Ford section of Ford’s web site displays dealership information. It has been such a long time since I signed up that I don’t remember the process (I do remember that it wouldn’t take my VIN right away) but once you get your VIN added to your account, it will list dealer information. Although, the wording on the dealer information page is a little confusing:

Your original selling Dealer is automatically designated as “My Dealer.” It is either:

• The Dealer from whom you purchased or leased your vehicle, or;
• The Ford Dealer nearest you if you have moved.

* Note: The Dealer information listed above your vehicle image is your original selling dealer. The dealer information above this image will not change, even if your Preferred Service Dealer differs from what is listed above.

My Ford

It is the “Dealer nearest you” part that makes me less than 100% sure that this is, in fact, the originating dealership. But, I wonder if that statement only applies to the “My Dealer” entry and not the dealership listed near where the picture of my car should be (I guess 1993 is so old that they do not have a stock picture for it). To add to my confusion, those two entries are the same and are the dealer that was physically closest to me but is now out of business. I would think the “Ford Dealer nearest” me would only include those that are still operational. Furthermore, from the research I have done on my car, this is NOT the dealership mine was sold out of. I guess it may be possible that it was shipped to this dealership and then transferred to the dealership I was told it was sold out of.

So, I ask for your help. If you have registered (or do register) for My Ford, does this dealership stuff make any sense to you? Are any of these entries really the original dealership?

Reproduction window stickers

Ron E. wrote me to inform me that he found someone who does reproduction Mustang window stickers. There are a variety of printing options available and he has posted on the SVT Cobra Owners Assoc. forums all of the details. I have not had one generated for my car or, in fact, ever seen one so I have no first hand experience with them. This guy doesn’t advertise but uses word of mouth so I figure I’ll help that process out. I don’t know how many feature car stickers he has done but it sounds like he finds out what should be on them by looking at actual originals. I suspect it helps to know exactly what should be on your sticker in order to communicate that to him. For reference, some originals are posted on this site in the literature sections.