On wrecked Triple Whites here and abroad

I received a registration for a 1993 triple white Mustang earlier this month from an email address in the Netherlands. It listed values for State as “other” as well as Country of “other.” I thought it was odd but I have received forms filled out like this in the past from owners who were working or serving overseas while their feature cars remained here in the States. But, my curiosity made me ask the owner to clarify the .nl address and the location of the car.I thought the response was interesting enough to share:

The Mustang is located in The Netherlands, Europe. “nl” stands for NederLand.

The Mustang is really a mess. It is wrecked and it has no engine. This is the third project for me and my wife. The first was a ’79 Mustang V8 Hatchback, the second a ’66 Mustang V8 Convertible. Now we are driving the ’66 Mustang (only in the summer) and a ’83 Mustang V6 Convertible (daily driver).

When we were for the first time in America, we saw these white and yellow Mustangs all over the States at the Ford dealers. We were driving on Route 66. In Tulsa at a Ford Dealership we almost bought a white Mustang. We had to pay, I think it was about $15,000.- off the lot. But it was too expensive to take it home to Europe.

The idea was to look for a white Mustang next year at the 45th Anniversary of the Mustang at the MCA-event. But I found one just a couple of miles from our home.

There are two photos attached with this e-mail.
We want to get the Mustang ready in two or three years.

The pictures provided an idea of the work ahead.

Triple White Overseas

I can’t even imagine the challenges ahead for this project. It’s hard enough to find good parts in the country where these were made. I hope to keep in touch with this owner and wish him well and hope for his success.


So if the preceding details about a restoration beginning in the Netherlands leave you inspired to do your own restoration the opportunity that follows might be for you.

In the last couple of days I have been corresponding with Glynn. He had an incident with his triple white that left it damaged (but repairable) but he is not personally in a position to bring it back to its former glory.

Glynn's Triple White

I have posted the details and more photos on the for sale page.

My hope is that someone will find this a worthy project to take on. It would be a shame to lose another one of our triple whites.

UPDATE: Glynn has decided to restore the car. In his words:

After much, much consideration, we have decided to reinvest our time and money into fixing our car.  We just could not part with her.  She was a beauty and will be again.

Carlisle 2008 All Ford Nationals Wrap-up

Overall, it was a great show and the weather was unbelievably hot but no rain. We had a mix of those who had told me they were joining us and a couple that we added to our group at the event. The attendees were as follows:

Tim H. (from PA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1993 Vibrant White
Bob H. (from PA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1990 Emerald Green
Nick P. (from NY) – Fri, Sat – 1990 Emerald Green
Pete V. (from MA) – Sat – 1993 Vibrant White
Ken B. (from NJ) – Sat, Sun – 1992 Vibrant Red
Clint P. (from IL) – Sat – 1993 Vibrant White
Luis G. (from MD) – Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red

Here’s the day-by-day summary:

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Carlisle: it’s almost here

It sure came fast and as usual I am rushing to the end in order to get ready.

I attended a local show over the past weekend and there was some white dandelion-type stuff floating through the air all day. It made my semi clean interior a mess. I should have kept the windows closed. I spent most of tonight getting my car ready including some much needed interior cleaning. It still has a way to go.

My plan is to arrive there on Thursday either late in the afternoon or early in the evening.

I hope that anyone who is on the fence about going will seriously consider it. I look forward to meeting many of you there.