Hundreds of detailed feature car pics online and how to easily download them

Tom G. (noac) emailed me a month ago to point me to a huge amount of pictures of low mileage and near original feature cars that he found online.

1992 Feature Car on Picasa Web
1993 White Feature Car on Marc Schiliro’s Classic Cars
1993 Yellow Feature Car on Photo Bucket

Tom thought I would want to download them for my archives. And I did. I thought I would not only share the links but also how I efficiently downloaded them.

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From my email: WTB – 1993 Yellow/White Feature Car with 5 speed manual

For those of you who attended Carlisle 2007, you may remember Jeff G. and his friends who brought 5 cars (2 ’90 7-up’s, one ’93 triple white, one ’93 Yellow and one ’92 Red) to that event. If you talked with them you know that they consider these cars to be great collectibles. Well, I just had an email from Jeff and he has been at work on a collection of 6 feature cars that will cover 1992 and 1993 in each of the colors and transmission options. So far he has two triple whites (one auto and one manual), two 1992 red cars (one auto and one manual) and one 1993 yellow with a white interior and an automatic transmission.

He is looking to round out the collection with a 1993 yellow/white with a 5 speed manual transmission. He would like the car to have around 30-40k miles and be entirely stock and in excellent condition. If you know of such a car that would be for sale please contact me and I will relay your information to Jeff.