iPod Integration for the 1993 Mustang Factory Stereo

iPod Touch with Factory stereo

My car has a factory stereo with CD player. The CD Player doesn’t work too well but it’s one of those options that make my car unique. After all, 1993 was the first year for a CD player in a Mustang.

In thinking ahead to my 6 hour trip to Carlisle I wasn’t again looking forward to just FM listening. We all know how that is across a great distance. I thought it will be a good time for an audio book, some podcasts and/or some decent music.

Not wanting to modify my car in any permanent way I needed to come up with a totally reversible solution. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with an FM transmitter solution. I settled on the Scosche FM Modulator (FM-MOD02).
Scosche FM-MOD02 Stock Photo
It plugs into the antenna input on the stereo and sends the signal through on one of two FM frequencies. Since it is hard-wired it has an advantage over the FM transmitter type. The reviews on it were very good with most people thinking it played near CD quality sound.

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Road ready

The winter was long and hard on the old triple white fox. At some point late last fall or over the winter I noticed a spot of fluid under the right rear tire. I thought nothing of it. Perhaps, I thought, it was just a residual spill from an earlier jug of motor oil that I had in the garage which sprung a leak. With that cleaned up and the car back in use I was surprised to find some fresh fluid under that same tire. I thought it was a possible brake line problem and immediately took it in for repair as this seemed beyond my abilities.

It turned out that it was beyond me. The fluid was not brake fluid but from my rear end. Apparently the rear axle seal had developed a leak that traveled to the wheel. The worse news was that axle leak had saturated the brake which also needed to be replaced.

The good news of all of this is that the car is now mechanically ready to hit the road. The shop did a once over and everything appears to be in order. The only thing that I could kick myself over is that if I only knew the rear end was going to be worked on I would have considered it the perfect time to upgrade the gears. That’s one change I want to do but can’t seem to justify the expense on its own. Darn.

My major remaining task in getting the car ready for the trip to Carlisle is to integrate my iPod into my factory stereo w/CD. I figure I need that to keep me going on the 6 hour trip. I’m afraid an FM transmitter is just not going to be good enough. I want to do this of course without any non-reversible modifications such as wire splicing and so on. I think I’ve got some ideas on how to accomplish it

Tent @ Carlisle All-Ford

Tent from Carlisle All-Ford Nationals 2008

As I mentioned in the forums, I have reserved a tent for our 2009 trip to the Carlisle All-Ford Nationals. The total cost was $160. If you would like to contribute to the cost you can catch me on site there. Although, it’s never been a hard requirement to contribute. I just want you to have a good time.

If you don’t feel you can contribute or you can’t go and would still like to support us and/or this site in general please use the ebay links. Even if you don’t purchase a directly linked item but purchase something else in that session that started with a link from here, this site gets a small commission. Every little bit helps. In fact, over the course of a year it can be enough to pay for that tent! [/end plug]

Also mentioned in the forums was the “Coolest Club Hangout” Award –

All clubs are required to display a banner at their tent with their club name. We ask for the banner so that we can judge the Coolest Club Hangout Award, which was a hit in 2008. The Coolest Club Hangout Award will be presented on Saturday morning to the club with the most creative club tent display. In addition to the display you must also be an example of what Carlisle Events is all about: HAVING FUN! The Coolest Club Hangout award is a groovy banner for your club to proudly display at Carlisle, at your home gatherings and at any other events your group attends.

I am still open to ideas. The only thing is that it can’t require a lot of stuff to pull off. Since we all drive essentially the same car I’m sure you feel the pain when you pack for a trip like this and don’t have room for much else.

I have the banner covered. In fact, I ordered a second this year so it can be visible from two directions. It just came today. You can see last years in the photo above. It’s green with a running fox. Look for it once you arrive.

What’s wrong with this picture?

I have a Mustang calendar at work that I got as a gift. It’s one of those with a Mustang picture for each day. It must be tedious putting one of these together. And, the people who edit these things are probably not subject matter experts so I have excused the occasional error. But this one was too funny not to share.

Editing Fail

Major Feature

Today I was pointed to a Major Dad episode that includes a very recognizable guest star.

'92 Feature Car on Major Dad

The episode was “One for the Road”. Season 4; Episode 8. Originally aired November 20, 1992.

Elizabeth (Marisa Ryan) becomes afraid to drive her new convertible after a friend is in a car accident. Guest star: Lucy Boryer. With Gerald McRaney.

I do remember when Major Dad was on TV but I don’t remember this episode. I know if I saw it I would remember it. It’s a worthwhile watch as the feature car gets a good amount of screen time.

Link:  Major Dad: One for The Road (many thanks to Mike G. who owns a ’92 Feature)