Reproduction “Feature car” headrest and door panels from TMI

I meant to pass along this tidbit from Carlisle about some reproduction interior items. TMI Classic Automotive Interiors was there showing their white pony headrests and white “feature car” door panels. I checked their website and found no mention of these items (there availability was mentioned on this site in the forums). So, I thought I should share my pics. Here is the door panel –

TMI Repro Feature Car Door Panel

And the head rest:

TMI Repro Feature Car Head Rest

It’s pretty good looking stuff. Although, there was one observation that I thought was right on. Tim H. said that when he and his wife looked at the headrest he noticed something didn’t look quite right. She, who is into sewing and embroidery, noted that the thread of the pony stitching was too silver.

TMI Repro Feature Car Head Rest Closeup

I fully agree. It’s a good thing to keep in mind if you are going to order some. I can email more pictures if anyone is interested.

2009 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals Wrap-up

It was another great year at Carlisle. The three days just flew by and I didn’t want it to end. I guess, it’s always good to end something when you still want more.

Attendance was good again this year even. It breaks down as follows:

Jeff G. (from NJ) – Sat – 2 @ 1993 Canary Yellow/White
Ken B. (from NJ) – Sat, Sun – 1992 Vibrant Red
Nick P. (from NY) – Sat – 1990 Emerald Green
Pete V. (from MA) – Fri, Sat – 1993 Vibrant White
Randy M. (from PA) – Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red
Tim H. (from PA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1993 Vibrant White
Tom G. (From MD) – Fri, Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red
William F. (from PA) – Sat – 1993 Canary Yellow

The weather cooperated on two of the three days. It was a great opportunity to see some people that I see only on an annual basis and to meet some new ones. There were a few people who came by even though they didn’t bring their cars. One was Amy H. who couldn’t bring her car due to some mechanical limitations. Another was Dawn L. who didn’t bring hers because her only available day to come was Friday and the rain would have negated all of the detailing done to her 250k mile car. Even so, they still stopped by to offer their support for us.

Another person I got to meet for the first time was Terry M. who runs the other registry for our cars. He’s the one who can tell you what number your car is of the total number produced. It was great to meet him and we had some in depth discussion on these cars.

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Black and White

No, it’s not what you are thinking. No problems with the police. The trip into Carlisle was pretty uneventful. Just some heavy construction delays for about 6 miles on 81 before exit 159. I made the trip with 5pt0joe. He owns a 1990 SSP so I did have a police car in my rear view mirror for the whole trip.
Black and White

Our cars are polar opposites. His is black with black wheels. Mine is white with white wheels. It was good to have another car to ride down with in case of problems. I’m probably not the easiest person to follow. Thanks, Joe.