Running again

Last year at almost this exact time I posted about my efforts to train for a fall marathon. Well, I have been at it again this year. So far, so good. I’m in week 13 of an 18 week preparation program and feeling pretty good. I’ve had some small injuries along the way but nothing I couldn’t get past.

A week ago while out of town on vacation I attempted the prescribed 17 miler. I did many things wrong (a meal too low on carbs the night before, too fast of a pace at the start, not enough water) and it all blew up at about 13 miles. I walked some and finished the 17 but it was not a good experience.

Yesterday, I did an 18 miler and the result was much different. This time, I did all my preparation the right way and took everything very seriously much like it was the big race. I finished with relative ease.

August is a tough month when preparing for an early October marathon. Mileage is near its highest while the weather is at its most hot and humid. Looking forward, September has two more really long runs over the next 4 weeks but I feel like I can handle those. And, at least one more Mustang show.