Carlisle 2010 Pictures Posted

Tonight I went through all of my photos and picked out some to share. You can find them in my PicasaWeb Carlisle 2010 photo album.

Carlisle 2010 album

I never want to have a single copy of any computer file and this especially true for my photos. I lost pictures once and I never want it to happen again. So, since I already use Picasa as my Windows picture manager, I started to use PicasaWeb for online photo storage. It has worked quite well. Each night while at Carlisle I uploaded the days pictures to PicasaWeb.

2 thoughts on “Carlisle 2010 Pictures Posted

  1. You know I was looking over the Carlisle pics and thought the ole Features looked really goood. Now that Fall is hitting us good I think it may be a long winter. OUCH!!

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