5pt0joe: Cruise to Carlisle

As mentioned previously, 5Pt0joe is again putting together a cruise to Carlisle, PA for the 2011 Ford Nationals. He has updated his cruise information page and has included some kind words on our group at Carlisle.

Don’t forget to stop by and say “hi” at the Triple White Fox Tent!  I must say that out of every place at Carlisle, this tent is a great place to stop if you are looking to lay back, socialize, and meet new people.  When you sit down and hang out with them, by the time you leave, you’ll realize that this hang out spot is more like a family reunion than a hang out spot!  If you don’t believe me, visit and see for yourself!  You’ll meet several people that you’ll look forward to seeing every year after and possibly even at local car shows too!

Link: Cruise to Carlisle 2011

One Goal. 6 Feature Cars

Back in February 2009, I posted about Jeff G. from New Jersey who was assembling a collection of feature cars. His goal was to get all of the year/transmission variations of the white interior feature cars. That meant 6 cars in total. Back at the time of that post, there was only one car remaining to complete the collection – an elusive yellow 1993 convertible with a white interior and a manual transmission. Just 1 of the 113 cars made with that combination. The car was desired with relatively low mileage and as close to stock as possible.

In September 2010 such a car was finally located. It was through an ad on this site that the prompted an owner named Mike to come forward when his car went up for sale. The car was located in Indiana and had 45k miles. Making it a little more rare was that it came with factory A/C delete.

Jeff made a trip to Indiana, left a deposit and Mike and his Dad used their enclosed trailer to transport the car back to Jeff in New Jersey.

To bring this story to completion, Jeff just sent along a picture of the full collection.

Feature Mustang Collection