Reliving the past thanks to Mustangs Unlimited

I was checking out the Mustangs Unlimited Web Site. I usually hit one of the three or four shows that they have a year. On their home page, they have a photo from one of the cars shows that they have hosted.  The picture they picked is not the ubiquitous car show picture with rows and rows of Mustangs. One lone black fox body convertible in a row of empty spaces. A smattering of other cars are around. Pretty boring. Right?

The more looked at the picture, the more I realized that it seemed oddly familiar beyond the usual “yeah, I’ve been to that parking lot.” My car was in there. If I enlarge the photo, you might be able to see me and the rear of my car.

I figured out that the picture is from June 2009. I parked next to a yellow feature car purchased by Tom F., its new owner, less than a week before. I had my son with me that day. It was a great time for father and son. And, oh yeah, I won third place that day. Great memories.

Clubs at 2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals

As part of the wrap-up of Carlisle, the thank you message I received from the person who does club coordination included the list of clubs and the number of attendees for each. It seems wrong to share it all, so here are some interesting facts about the clubs at the 2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals:

– There were 38 clubs
– We (Fox-Body Feature Mustang Club) had 6 registered members
– The top three clubs:

– Focus Rising (89 members)
– Merkur Club of America (70)
– Team Shelby (64)

– The team that won the “Coolest Club Hangout” award was the Yellow Mustang Registry. They had 32 members.

2011 Carlisle Ford Nationals Trip Report

Once again, the Ford Nationals went by too fast.

Like last year, I took to Twitter to share the experience of Carlisle as it happened. I added a few new followers during the three days of Carlisle. Since twitter is so time associated, my tweeted pics are in a set on Flickr for historical purposes. Of course, the set only covers the tweets that included pictures, but, I think that those are the best.

Attendance turned out to be about the same number as last year. This made me happy. Even down to the last minute, it seemed like this could have been a lightly attended year. I think the good weather encouraged people to get out. Luckily, there are a lot of Mustang owners in Pennsylvania!

In addition to me, the attendees were as follows:

Amy H. (from MD) – Fri, Sat – 1993 Canary Yellow
Bill F. (from PA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1993 Canary Yellow
Bob H. (from PA) – Sat, Sun – 1990 7up
Jim M. (from PA) – Fri, Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red
Luis (from MD) – Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red
Mike P. (from MA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1992 Vibrant Red
Neil K. (from PA) – Sat – 1992 Vibrant Red
Tim H. (from PA) – Fri, Sat, Sun – 1993 Vibrant White

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Follow Carlisle 2011 on twitter and facebook

On this eve of setting off for Carlisle, I wanted to point out that Carlisle has a decent social presence on twitter and facebook. You can find links to their stuff here.

As a bit of self-promotion, I will also be doing tweeting of my own and you can find that here. Please follow me on twitter. I did the same thing last year and posted when I saw something interesting. This year my posts will be going to flickr. Last year they went to twitpic where you can still view them.