Fear Not, Our Beloved Fox Bodies Are Not Among the Most Stolen

I came across this in my news reader. It only looked marginally interesting at first. Insurance, yuck. But the numbers are interesting. The only fox body in the top 10 is the 1989.

2001 - 2011 National Mustang Thefts


Digging deeper into the article we find an Excel file with more details. In the date range, 2001 to 2011, we see that the 1993 Mustang ranks 14th with 1,484 stolen and 1992 ranks 20th with an unspecified number. Zero, perhaps, but definitely less that 293 – the last value given as the 18th spot. The classics aren’t even on the map.

Perhaps the best news is that overall thefts of all Mustangs, regardless of model year, are down. 4,347 in 2011. This is compared to 18,325 in 1993 and a peak of 23,893 in 1975. Still, drive safe, and keep that insurance premium paid up.

Link: Property Casualty 360 – The Ford Mustang: Theft of an American Icon