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Gold instead of chrome emblems on '93 Triple White Special Edition

I'm new to the forum and appreciate any help with this question.
My '93 triple white special edition has gold 5.0 emblems as well as the two Ford oval emblems; one on the trunk and one on the grill, instead of the usual chrome emblems. Also the Mustang emblem on the right side of the dash is also outlined in gold. I pretty sure they are original because the Ford oval emblems on the outside of the vehicle are sort of pitted where the gold is around the outside of the blue oval. I have searched and searched and can not find a single Ford oval emblem outlined in gold instead of chrome. So I'm wondering if there may be something unique about this vehicle. From the buck tag behind the grill, it does say "Feature" and it was built on June 10, 1993 and the last 6 digits of the VIN are 203957. Could it possibly be the last one built and that is why there are gold emblems on the vehicle?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much, Dennis


  • Hi Dennis, welcome to the site and to the forums!

    I have seen an occasional triple white feature car with gold emblems. Long ago, I asked some people that are more knowledgeable than I am and the opinion is that these badges were dealer installed. There were no gold emblems installed at the factory. You are right, they are very hard to find. I don't know if they would have a Ford part # or were created in the aftermarket.

    Yours is late in production but not quite at the end. I don't quite know the end of the triple whites but there is one on ebay right now that is 210801.

    I do know of a yellow feature car that was built on July 23. From my understanding, there were only a few made after that one.
  • Thanks John. Much appreciated.
  • John, I should have mentioned that in addition to the gold 5.0 and Ford ovals, all of the key locks (doors and trunk) as well as the door lock push-down knobs and the Mustang emblem on the right side of the dash are gold as well. Although it's always possible, I seriously doubt a dealer would have installed key locks on the outside of the doors and trunk, push-down lock knobs and a Mustang emblem on the dash that were gold as well.
  • Dennis, that's interesting. I've never heard about gold door locks and lock push-downs. Have you obtained a Marti report for the car? I'm not sure it would help in this regard but it's always nice to have.
  • I believe it was special order mine has gold emblems as well as the center caps of the ponys
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