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Forum unavailability 5/25 -5/26/2008

edited May 2008 in Forum News
I have been having problems with someone or something spamming this site with traffic and ultimately crashing it for the last couple of days. My attempts to block it have been not fully successful. I am hoping to have a resolution in the next few days. Meanwhile, please be patient as I work through this.


  • I hope you get this Fixed soon.. I LOVE this website!! :)
  • Thanks for the encouraging words. I think the problems may be behind me. I wasn't sure how to block a given IP address so I asked my web host if they had any ideas. They asked for the address and are blocking it for me. This will work at least until the next IP address comes along.
  • John, you rock!!!!!!!!!!! I love this site. Anything I can do to help please let me know. Vince
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