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Post time stamp

No one here every complains about anything. You guys are too kind. One thing that has frustrated me with these forums are the time stamps. They're off by 5 hours. With an increasing amount of forum activity its hard to just scan the posts to see what is recently new. At least i is for me.

I have tried time and again to correct this from the web server side. And failed. So I am giving in and recommending a way for you to correct the problems for yourselves. You can modify your individual time zones on your user profiles to correct for this 5 hour error. You can get to your profile by clicking the "My Profile" link at the top of the page and then the "Change My Information" link. On the screen that follows you can adjust your time zone by adding 5 hours to it. For example, I am in the Eastern time zone (GMT - 5) so if I add five I should choose the GMT zone.

If you are in Central, choose GMT - 1
If you are in Mountain choose GMT - 2
If you are in Pacific choose GMT - 3

I hope that this tip makes the forums more enjoyable for you. If I find a way to correct the problem at the server I will let you know to reverse this workaround.

I can't make any promises about what will happen when we go back to standard time from daylight savings. ;)


  • John I just found this post and will change my time zone asap. I agree that having an acurate time stamp would be good for the site. Take care and thanks again for giving us this forum.
  • Let me know how it works out.
  • Please note that this hack is no longer required after the upgrade of the forums on July 20, 2009. I have corrected the profiles for those people who used this hack.

    With this new upgrade, the forum time stamp is at the lower right of the page. When you are not logged in the default is the U.S. Eastern time zone. When you are logged in, it is determined by your user profile which is where you can change it to be your local time zone.
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