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New top!

edited June 2012 in Feature Mustangs
Just put a new top and seats will be next! I was able to reuse my original glass window. If anyone is curious EZ ON Tops will accommodate it if you ask nicely.



  • Top looks great, But those RIMS look awesome. Did they come painted white?
  • I agree, that looks great.
  • Thx! I ordered them and they came white and I paid $450 for a set of 17"s. Although they came bright a** white and looked funny so I ordered custom powder that for the original pony wheels to have redone and when I had them powdercoated I had this set done as well. If anyone is interested I have our original white for the ponys saved and we can order as much powder as you want. It is about $20 a lb + shipping.
  • Where did you order your rims from? Car looks great by the way.
  • ... _997wt_813

    Remember these wheels come in BRIGHT A** WHITE.
  • Ask for the cobra centers
  • Thanks, Been looking for a set for awhile and could not find any.
  • In my opinion those RIMS looked MUUUUCH better than the factory, (Good Choice) Great Looking FEATURE!!!
  • looks awesome!!
  • Thx all! I have the original set all refinished for shows but I am indecisive on what tires to put on them. I would love to find a nice used set of originals but then I think to myself would they be safe? Any ideas?
  • I love your wheels also! Are yours 17x9 all the way around and what tire size are you running? Any clearance issues and while turning? Is your car lowered?

    I'd like to get some like these for my 92 but have been debating on whether to convert it to rear disc and 5 lug. Was just thinkin' of doing that just because there are so many more wheel options. But I would like to be able to put my factory wheels back on. Just don't want to make the wrong purchase.
  • 17x8s in the front with 225's and 255's with 17x9s in the rear. Car is stock height with no clearing issues.
  • Ok. Good deal. I'm planning on lowering my car so I was curious on that part. I don't think I'll have any issues with the same tire size as you have on your car with it being lowered with the factory width on the front. That was my main concern.

    I checked at my local powder coating business and they can powdercoat the wheels with a pearlescent white. I just hope it matches. Thanks for the info.
  • I sent in one of my center caps to And they custom matched it. I would send yours in to and the will send you a sample back for you approval.
  • Thanks for the information. I'll look them up.
  • If you don't mind me asking, what'd the new top cost you?
  • $1000 installed with parts
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