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Parts score! WHITE seatbelt bezel

edited August 2012 in Feature Mustangs

Found a site that lets you input a list of part numbers and it searches multiple databases for hits. Found a WHITE seatbelt bezel. The plan is to take the NOS part and my used bezels and speaker covers to a top interior shop in town and see if they can dye all to match the new one.

Check out the results: ... h&submit=1


  • that's a great site--as long as you know your part numbers...
  • Yup, I have had a new-old-stock 7-Up F0ZZ white console tray assembly still in the bag for years now. It is a nice bright white color. I never thought about using it to get a color-match paint place to make up some paint for the interior parts though. My thing about painting plastic parts is eventually it will chip or flake off. It could work for cars like yours that you mainly use at shows.

    Since I use my cars as drivers, and pick-up trucks if I need to haul something in the rear seat with a top down, it probably wouldn't last long. You should have seen a second-hand Craftsman roll-around tool box standing up in the back seat of my 7-Up convertible a few years ago. It turned a bunch of heads as I drove down the road.

    Back in the mid-1980s I hauled 15-20 or so 16' long 2" x 4"s in a 1967 Mustang Coupe that I owned back then. You should have seen people staring as I picked one up after the other and shoved them all the way into my car until only 3' or so stuck out of the trunk on all of them.
  • LRS sells dye that is an exact match if interested. I am on the hunt for a Pass side door panel if anyone runs across one.
  • score
    640 x 480 - 49K
  • YOU DID GOOD !!!!
  • Someone had asked for a pic comparing the NOS bezel, an old yellowed on and the rear quarter panel.

    Here you go
    640 x 480 - 168K
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