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Upcoming feature car articles in Fox Mustang Magazine

edited December 2012 in Feature Mustangs
Fox Mustang Magazine will be starting a series of articles on feature cars in an upcoming issue. I think they will start in issue number 7 with an article on the 1990 7-up cars. This will be followed by articles on the 1992 and then the 1993's and my understanding is that each year will get two issues. The articles will be written by Terry M. who writes the Originality series. So, we all might learn something new from them as Terry is very knowledgeable and has a special interest in the features.

So, it may be a good time to subscribe if you haven't already. This is a great magazine and let's support it!


  • Thanks John for the heads up. Got my Subscription in.
    Can't wait to see them.
  • Great mag +1
  • got my subscription started. Here's a code to save $5 off if you haven't paid yet.

  • In the Nov 2012 Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Mag- Page 132- A Triple White in the True Street competition averaged 16.51 NOT BAD
  • I'm not one for ordering magazines, but I started getting these at issue #2 and it's not a bad little magazine. I enjoyed reading the Originality series very much.
  • Terry mentioned this to me at Carlisle this year. I cannot wait!!!! I hope the next issue shows up really soon. I love this magazine.
  • Has anyone who just subscribed last month gotten any issues? I'm not just talking the ones we are all waiting for but ANY ISSUE.
  • I subscribed on 9/15 but I have not seen anything yet. I also noticed that the website had a login page but it looks like it gone now.
  • I have received five issues so far. I assumed this is a monthly mag so I contacted Jason at pattersonpublishing, he told me that it was a monthly mag but will be changing to bi-monthly.Seems there may be some problems. I Subscribed last year.
  • Has anyone who just subscribed last month gotten any issues? I'm not just talking the ones we are all waiting for but ANY ISSUE.
    No issue received yet by me.
  • Found this on dated Sept. 12th. This is for issue #6.

    Originally Posted by FoxMustangMag
    Hey guys, first off let me say thanks to those of you who subscribed - we do appreciate it and everyone will get every issue that they have paid for, whether that is 12 or 24 issues.

    1. We are late. We know this and are working feverishly on this. These magazines are our livelihood and we love what we do.
    2. We are a new title and it takes a lot to get a magazine off the ground...but we're not going to dry up and blow away.
    3. Issue #6 is indeed at the printer and once we have an exact date of when they are shipping we will let everyone know and provide a date-range of when they will get to you.
    4. We are a pay-as-we-go business. We are not loaded with debt. If some of our business partners are slow paying us then that slows us down.
    5. We are working hard behind the scenes to catch up and smooth out production.
    6. We have 3 issues done and waiting their turn to print and ship.
    7. We will do a better job of staying in touch with our readers and updating everyone with next issue status. We will email subscribers monthly with a status update, if not more often.
    8. Thanks for hanging in there with us, we really do appreciate it.

    P.S. If you haven't gotten issue's #1-#5 and should have, please let us know so we can mail you out another from our warehouse. Message our facebook page or email us. Everyone that lets us know they are missing an issue gets one mailed out that week, company policy.

    Thanks again guys!
  • THANKS for that update !
  • Got this today:

    Fox Mustang Magazine is going to bimonthly.  We will be making an
    announcement with the next issue.  Everyone will receive the issues they
    paid for. 



    Jason Jacobs
  • Thanks for the info. I know others who have been wondering.
  • I got my free T-shirt from them yesterday. So hopefully the magazine's will start coming soon.
  • It's Dec and I still have not received anything. I'm guessing that was $20 lost.
  • I have been going to post this but just forgot about it. I emailed them on Oct 21st and got this reponse back Nov 1st. Now here we are again over a month later and no Mag. Thinking about just asking for my money back, if that is even possible, probably just kiss it good by.

    Fox Mustang Magazine

    1:24pm Nov 1

    Hey Jerry, thanks and we are working on it! Issue #6 is about to get sent out and we are going to re-vamp everything!

    Conversation History

    Jerry Burnett

    12:54pm Oct 21

    Hey what has happened to you guys? Web page is old, nothing new for a long time. Facebook is a month old. There are several forums talking about not hearing anything and not getting any issue's for awhile. You might want to put something up on Facebook and your web page to let people know you guys are still a live.
    Thx, Jerry

    View Conversation on Facebook · Reply to this email to message Fox Mustang Magazine.
    This message was sent to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->. If you don't want to receive these emails from Facebook in the future, please unsubscribe.
    Facebook, Inc., Attention: Department 415, PO Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303
  • Same here. I haven't heard or received anything since a November 2 email:
    Issue 6 Shipping.
    The much-anticipated Issue #6 is printing now and will ship to subscribers this month (November).
  • OK contacted them again, here's what I got. Same O Same O.


    Fox Mustang Magazine

    Hey Jerry, thanks and we are working on it! Issue #6 is about to get sent out and we are going to re-vamp everything!



    Jerry Burnett

    OK 6 weeks have passed and still no issue 6. A friend of mine also got a message on Nov 2 about it going to print. Facebook page was last updated best we can tell on Nov 2nd. Web page is unchanged. You are getting hammered all over the internet on Ford and Mustang forums. Your stall of going to print is not cutting it anymore. Please be honest with us this time. Are we getting our issues or not.

  • WOOOO HOOOOOO Got an email from Fox Mag. Issue #6 shipped today. Issue #7 is in proof and will print and ship as soon as funds are available. Said advertiser's have been slow in paying on time.
  • Too late for me. I contacted the CC company and put a dispute on the charge.
  • I really hope they get their budgeting straightened out soon. I personally think this magazine has a lot of potential.
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