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My car gave me a gift... I think.

About two months ago, when I was replacing the motor bushings for a 1/4 window, I found this behind the passenger side trim panel:


A long lost mix tape!


Tomorrow when, hopefully, my OEM stereo arrives and is installed, I shall be able to listen to the Mixtape of El Dorado. What does it contain? 90's rap? 90's rock? Something else entirely?

I'm excited to find out!


  • Im guessing Barry!
  • Well, good news and bad news.

    The good:

    The tape works! Here's the mix:

    Side A:

    1: My Wild Love. The Doors.
    2: There is a Mountain. Donovan.
    3: Cecilia. Simon and Garfunkel
    4: Not Now John. Pink Floyd.
    5: St. Stephen. Grateful Dead
    6: Isis. Bob Dylan
    7: These Dreams of you. Van Morrison

    Side B:

    1: Lowrider. War.

    The bad:

    The newold premium stereo has... issues. When turned more than one click above off, it gets louder and then the audio cuts out with a crackle. I'm thinking this is either the volume control or the amp.

  • Did you try running ALL of the volume, bass, trebel, balance and fade knobs and buttons up/down/back/forth several times?

    I have found when a stereo has controls that sit in one place for years and years the surfaces that control the increase and decrease in any sounds could get a build-up on them that needs to be "wiped" clean. By running all of the controls both directions several times WITH power on the stereo may halp.

    Good luck.
  • I zipped the volume control min/max a few dozen times. No change.

    The faders all work properly, it's just something wrong with the volume control. I think USPS didn't treat the box very well. It was a bit... roundish when it arrived.

    I also found out that, if you have the EQ, you can plug an aftermarket stereo into the amp. The premium radio's plugs are the standard ford plugs and, since my POS aftermarket radio has an adapter harness, I was able to plug it into the EQ and power plugs. It worked fine through the amp and EQ.

    The seller said to send it back to him and he'd fix it so here's hoping.
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