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5 bolt Chrome Ponys

edited December 2012 in Feature Mustangs
Check this out. I have been wanting something that looks original but in a 5 bolt so I can go rear disk brake and use a 255 40 17 tire tires I have on a set of Cobra aftermarket. Might even be able to go a little wider on the rear. ... l#shop-by1


  • You have to be careful if you go to wide the you will hit the quad shock. I went with a 9" and maybe could slide a piece of paper in between them.
  • My cobras are 17x9 with a 6" offset. Still about a 1/2" of room. 9" seems to be the limit on the front w/6" offset because of turning radius. "IF" the 17x10's still maintain the 6" offset then all will be fine. Haven't seen the spec on them yet, waiting on an email back.
  • Please post a pic if you go that route. I know a company (not sure if it is this one or a different one) was in the works of taking fox Pony wheels and making 4-lug 17" wheels and 5-lug 16" and 17" wheels. Fox 10-hole wheels were also being created in 16" and 17" 4-lug and 5-lug. Even after prototypes and such, I hadn't heard anything about them doing it anymore in about 2+ years.
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