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e-Bay Comes Through again! So, How Early Did Ford Embroider Mats?

O.k., so I score on e-Bay again with "Buy-It-Now" purchases! Strange though, the running pony floor mats in black and in grey both carry F1Z 1991 Mustang engineering numbers on the backings. How early did Ford embroider running ponies into their floor mats? I see, however, these have the anchor loop in them, characteristic of SN95 or S197 (are they called S197?) Mustang floor mats.

Nevertheless they are brand spanking new and look to have the right contour to fit the Fox Mustang floors.


  • Nice score! I have 2 sets o the black but never seen the gray?
  • The guy selling these actually had a set of tan ones listed too, which would be a nice addition to someone's SSP, like and FHP car, with tan interior.

    I snatched the grey ones up for my 7-Up convertible. I thought they'd be something different to have in that car.

    I need to call Ford to see if they sell the mat anchors by themselves, I may install the anchors in the two cars I will install these in to keep the mats from traveling toward the pedals.
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