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New values!!!

edited March 2013 in Feature Mustangs
Since the new 2013 year all the 93's have gone up in value! I had checked on NADA for my 93 Lightning and it went from $6200 to $9500. This is a great sign. Our 93 Limited Verts have gone from $14000 to $16000!!! ... on+/Values


  • Too bad the market won't support these though. I've been keeping an eye on the Canary Yellow/Black for a few years online now and even a clean, low mileage car struggles to get those prices. In general, the fox values are going up, but not as exponential as we all like. Two particular CY/Black's stick out in my mind right now. One started at $10,900 and they decided to keep after it didn't sell at $6500obo. Had 74K miles and was 100% mint and original with the exception of an aftermarket front glass replaced. A second started at $12,900 and is currently at $7200obo from a *dealer*. Both cars have been for sale for over a year!

    I'm debating on looking at a CY/Black automatic (even though I'm holding out for a 5spd) just because it has been hiding locally in Maine. The guy thinks it's a gold mine, but if I can knock some sense into him, I'll consider it, as he is interested in trades (which I'm more comfortable with).
  • I realize that the price seems unrealistic but it is still nice to see it go up. I am guessing once the car turned 20 is the reason?
  • Perhaps it is the dwindling numbers of them out there from collisions?
  • I didn't think about the age of the car. That's a good point.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but book values don't take into account current vehicles on the road, as they only take into account the original production numbers (if even that)?
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