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Dallas Craigslist

edited May 2013 in For sale/wanted
I was perusing the Dallas CL adds and found this little gem:

$30,000 is way high but would be an awesome add to the collection if money were no object. But really, what do you do with a car that only has 5k miles. Can't really drive it.

Also found this one. Needs some love but could be a great find for someone.

Yellow/White and 5speed. Rare, rare, rare.....


  • Maybe for a 5spd?! He is again asking that it is a good starting point. If it was mine I would do the same!
  • Don't bother on the YW unless you wnt to drive to Dallas. They guy won't send pics or really do anything unless you go there. I would check it out but it's a 5 hour drive for some thing that might not be all that. And really, if you take that kind of drive your negotiating position is kind of week. Got burnt once driving 8 hours to get a '66 coupe and when I got there it was not what the pics showed it to be.

    Would be a great project but needs a lot of love to be show ready.

    Would love to see the 5k mile ride up close just to get a wif of all that newness.
  • The YW has been for sale for months. Someone kept flagging his ad deleting it from Craigslist like so many morons do on Craigslist these days. There were one or two YBs for sale on the site there for a while too, and possibly one of those was the ad flagger. For the money it looks to be a fairly nice car. I spoke to him by phone and if I remember correctly by e-mail before that. If I had the extra money I would have been out there to look at it and possibly had it here already. I believe I asked him all of the questions I had asked Matt before buying my YB out of Colorado and it sounds like it would be worth the money, at least to me. I would buy 6 cars at $5,500.00 before buying one for $30,000.00.
  • Yeah, he mentioned you when I spoke to him. He thought TWF was your site. He seemed pretty annoyed that I would call and ask questions or for more/better images. His overall attitude is what's keeping me from the drive down. I'll be in Dallas later this Summer but don't think I will bother with this one. I really never have understood why people put an add online and then bristle when people contact them online. If you put an add out to the world one gets all kinds responding (and flagging unfortunately).

    The 92 in Huston right now does have my interest. It's a bit higher but needs much less resto.

    I agree, $30k is just crazy for even a no mile car. I think that one came from Barret Jackson last year but I don't recall what it went for.
  • Big money...good luck...
  • He had it listed here in years past for a more modest sum. I was a serious buyer but had communication issues with him.
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