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Finally new seats!!!

edited September 2013 in Feature Mustangs
Well I finally ponyed up and re-did my seats. I orderd 2 small hydes from Danfield Leather for $4.5 a sq ft and 3 yds from SMS Auto fabric at $49 a yrd. I had a custom upholstery shop make the seats. I ended up getting th pony head rests from LRS. Everything matched up PERFECT!

Now all I have to do is put in my new door panels and my interior will be mint.

I am upset I couldnt find my build sheet under the seats while they are out.

I did put in some new weatherstips and on the A pillars where the door meets it looks like it is pushing my window out. Anyone else have this problem?






  • Awesome. Looks great!
  • If you don't mind me asking, how much do you have in those seats?
  • $600 install
    350 leather
    150 vinyl
    95 headrests
    260 seat foam

    I reused the white carpet that was on my original skins.
  • Hm. Good looking seats. I bet they're pretty comfy, too.
  • Great looking! I know your proud !
  • Has anyone experienced once they recover the seats and put in new foam. You sit higher and almost want to hit the roof?
  • Great lookin seats....and yes you do sit a bit
  • wow! those look amazing! Where's that shop located.....nowhere near MD i'm sure :(
  • Atlanta. I had to order the fabric from 2 different places.
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