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Mustangs I've known a few ;)

Welcome from the desert.
Researching my car I found this site from a link someone posted to the VIN & VCL decoders hosted here.
Only just now have I decided to part company with my Red Race car (it's nickname) and until I visited here I never really knew how special it was (is).
I'll go back to the beginning and that was 1968 when my mom got her White 66 289 Mustang.

She had that until she traded up for a Yellow n Black 73 Mach 1 with a 351 Cleveland backed by a C6. It was something indeed to drive that as a highschool kid. I walked on a dealer's lot summer of 87 and drove off with a 2.3L LX notchback it is still a daily driver 26 years and 380,000 miles later.
Summer of 96 I said to myself: I am going to buy a 5.0 Mustang. Driving past a dealers lot I saw this 5.0 LX they said a Stewardess had traded it to them that morning for a new Mustang, and they gave me stuff about selling it as they'd not 'checked it out' I said whatever I'm not leaving without that car.
Wrote em a check for 12.5K and drove off with my:
1992 1/2 vibrant red limited edition "Summer Special" feature car.
Multiple times a year folks have asked to buy this car but I really never knew until I visited here what it was.

I left out my first car 63 Falcon convertible then 73 Pinto 2.0L 85 LX 2.3L Mustang 94 4 banger Probe and 98 Contour SVT
Guess I'm a Ford man eh?


  • Welcome! Wow, you really have Ford in your blood! It is very cool that you can tie it all to your Mom's car. That's parenting done right. Also, it is very cool that this site let you on to the special status of your convertible. Good luck with the sale! Maybe you might reconsider that now?
  • Welcome!
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