Selling: 1992 1/2 vibrant red 5 speed limited edition "Summer Special" feature car

He she is boys

100% stock, 2nd owner no rust Arizona 5.0 LX convertible.
I bought this the same day the original owner traded it for a new Mustang July 1996 with 65K miles
The condition of this vehicle is unusal never abused, never even dinged. yup that's the original top,
pulled the seat covers to show the original seat(s) condition.
Certainly there is a list of minor issues I'll gladly discuss with a serious buyer.

The car is located in Tucson, AZ
Inquiries PM me here or send an e-mail to

Mileage 230,000 Price: $2,950.00 cash

pic link
1992.jpg 233.9K


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