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Out with the old.

edited July 2014 in Feature Mustangs
After getting sick and tired of looking at, and sitting in, seats that were falling apart, I bit the bullet and got new upholstery. Yes, it is TMI and the piping is a bit too big, but it fits my budget.

Old passenger seat:

Newly covered driver's seat:


It was a bit of a chore, to say the least. But it beats paying someone money I don't have to do what I can do.

New seat foams were procured, too, as the originals were coming to pieces. The only bits that were worth saving (and survived being removed) was the lower portion of the driver's seat, lower section of the rear seat and both headrests. Everything else was falling apart at the seams or was cracked/torn.

It sure makes the car look a whole lot better, if nothing else.

I also replaced the bulbs in the instrument cluster with LEDs. They're actually easy to see now.


And in the HVAC controls, too.



  • Wow! Nice! Someone must have gotten a micrometer and measured the black piping just to snub their nose at the upholstery. It looks great! I like the instrument lights too! I was wondering why they were so easy to see in the light of the day.
  • edited July 2014
    From what I recall reading on here, the piping originally used isn't made in that size anymore, leaving TMI to use what's available. The pictures of the lights are a bit deceiving. It was taken at dusk and my phone compensated for it but, still, it is a vast improvement. Clean white (not blue at all) light that can be dimmed, if needed.
  • Nice! They look Great!
  • Looks great!! Do you feel like you sit way too high?
  • edited July 2014
    Looks way better boom!! Also like the lights in the dash and the HVAC controls. Where did you get the bulbs? Also noticed you finally got the factory radio and equalizer put in. How's it working? Passed through your area last weekend going to the zoo. Would have liked to check out the car while I was up that way. Have a good one!!

  • Yes, I sit a good inch or two higher. I wish the seat foam was a little thinner but, alas, I'll have to deal with it.

    I did get the stock radio back in it, yes. I got it from a guy on ebay who sells them with an added aux input. Not a fan of the mod as he used cat5 which isn't the best for flexing and, as such, there's a break somewhere in it which drops out the right side audio from time to time, requiring a whack on the center console to get it back.

    I got the bulbs from, I think. The general illumiation bulbs are the 5 LED models while the indicator lights are all the single 1 watt bulbs. The kit that Scott Drake sells is similar, but without the 5 chip bulbs which makes the background illumination splotchy. It is nice to be able to see things in the daylight, now.
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