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1993 mustang triple white on white

We have a 1993 Ford Mustang triple white (winter edition) and it is in bad shape.


  • And need advice on what to do seats are in bad shape shocks are shot, and the back glass window is shattered. And there's something wrong with the vacuum lines
  • I've been looking for seats for a while now myself. I recently purchased the seats on late model restorations from TMI. They come in and they where white but not the "bright white" as stated. Back to square one. I have. Friend that bought a convertible top from the link that I am leaving. The top looks identical to the original. When I find seats I will pass it along.
  • NOS backglass on ebay for a very reasonable price
  • One other thing - if you are shopping for tops you want Haartz 1494 White in a standard grain single texture. The double texture that was originally used was long ago discontinued. The color won't match exactly with the above linked back glass. The tradeoff is that while an aftermarket back glass will match it will not have Carlite glass. The above linked backglass is Carlite and could be dyed if desired. It depends on what direction you want to go and, of course, how much you want to spend.
  • Ron E. emailed me to remind me of a couple things

    One of the top companies (EZ-on, I think - there is a post somewhere here but I couldn't find it) took someones original back glass and redid it with new vinyl. I think they lived close to EZ ON.

    Also, all seats on the feature cars were Oxford White in color - no different from standard white leather interiors.
  • I patiently shop for parts, but enjoy driving my cars. My cars aren't pristine "kiss and hug every morning" cars, just genuine Limited Edition convertibles. Everything takes time. I responded to an ad locally for parts and found the guy had a pair of "take-out" white convertible front seats he was trying to get $30.00 for. I was at his door that Saturday and I brought them home and have them stored. I am holing onto them incase I find the YW that I am patiently looking for.

    Work like fixing up a car takes time. All that I can say is be patient, take it one day at a time.

    NPD here in Ocala sells convertible tops with rear windows at a fair price. I have heard they have installation instructions with them but am not sure about that. I was thinking about buying one or two from them. Two of my cars, my '92SU and my '93TW could use a top, and the back window will be replaced at the same time. That is a back burner project though.

    The vacuum lines on these cars deteriorate over time. I have found replacements at local wrecking yards. Remember, NOT ONLY MUSTANGS had these vacuum lines on them, and the 5.0 H.O. was also offered In Mark VIIs, Thunderbirds, Cougars and "similar" setups were offered in other vehicles. You can remove plastic vacuum tubes from some cars one by one to replace your Mustang's plastic vacuum tubes. The routing and connection of the vacuum lines should be available online in all kinds of places if the label is missing from your car. People cut the lines off and plug them when they modify cars here.

    SOMETIMES a back glass can be found in wrecking yards. If you find one be sure the ZIPPER has the same pattern as there are course and fine pattern zippers. If you find one in a wrecking yard just unbolt the bottom tacking strips from inside the rear well of the wrecking yard car, unzip the curtain with the glass in it at the top, unsnap the snaps from the top bow and take it with you. Unbolt your assembly and replace it with the wrecking yard glass assembly. When I had my 1989 GT convertible I learned about the zipper patterns. I cut the top zipper section from the donor car too, good thing, because I had to stitch the replacement upper section alongside the upper section that was on the car. It carried me over for a couple of years though.

    Shocks are available after-market if you aren't trying to make a Concours car out of your LE. A couple of years ago I purchased brand new struts from Ford, they carry a 1994 part number (if I remember correctly) and use the little spacers on either side, but they are Motorcraft parts.

    Sounds like a nice car, even if it needs some work.
  • One note about the TMI leather seat covers...the grain is more pronounced than original Ford leather. I was at CJ Pony Parts not long ago and they have a TMI seat done in their showroom that is done in a 92-93 style seat but is vinyl instead of leather. It looked extremely close to original. It also looked a lot (exactly to me) like leather. They are also 1/2 the cost of leather and should wear much better.
  • Yes Ez-On took my original back glass and made the top with it on. They are located in SC so I just drove it over to them to make sure it didnt break. If you have any questions you can PM me.

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