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New Member/Owner of '93 Canary Yellow & Black

Hey gang....some of you may know me from Four Eyed Pride. Long time fanatic of the four-eyes, with a '82 GT (13k mile survivor) and a '85 GT (15k mile survivor). Tonight I am bringing home my new baby, a '93 Canary Yellow & Black, 5-spd with just 2,600 on the clock.

She still rides on original rubber, which I want to replace and keep stored for any MCA/Concours Duty. Now...let me state I am for the most part a purist and love my cars bone-stock, but I am not against a tasteful mod here or there. I'm torn on wheels and would welcome opinions and even some pics if you have them:

*The easy choice is a new Chrome 16" Pony Wheel & Tire kit from Late Model Restoration, and remain stock.
*An enticing choice is the upgraded 17" version of above, for a more modern low profile look.
*An an even further enticing choice is a 17" black wheel with machined lip from American Muscle....this is also ~$450 less.

These if you are not familiar.... No pony emblems so I would have to source those.

That last option is very enticing as I think the black would look great in contrast with the top/interior. But it would be an obvious mod from stock. Decisions decisions.....

I'm in no hurry and probably won't do anything until this winter for next season. This year I think I'll just leave it as is and enjoy it at local shows and cruise-ins.


  • Congrats on the new addition to the family! Personally, I'm in the same boat as you are... I like stock, but the occasional mod is ok. With that said, I've always been a fan of the 16" chrome ponies on the yellow/blacks. If you went with 17", I would probably try the black. This may sound odd, but the 17" chrome ponies make me cringe because when I look at them on a car, the proportion just looks too far off. It's like I'm seeing things... lol!
  • Welcome to the site. I too like bone stock with NO mods whatsoever. If others like mods that is great.

    If it was me I'd take the stock original chrome Ponys off, buy repops, and just put them on the car if you want to just drive the car around. I painted a set of grey stock Pony center caps Canary Yellow and have them on my original chrome wheels in case someone gets the idea to steal my hard to come by stock chrome caps at a store parking lot somewhere. If I ever show my car I'd swap the original chrome caps onto the wheels at the show and then put the yellow ones back on the car when the show was over.
  • Congrats!! I vote for the 16" chrome from LMR. I have them on my car
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