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Hello Fellow TWF Fans!

Owner of a `93 TWF 5 speed since new, 41K miles, always garaged. Didn't know what I was buying at the time. Wanted a 5.0 Mustang convertable. They had 3 at Williams Ford in West Hartford, two whites and one yellow. Of the two whites, one had about 150 miles, the other only about 14, so I took the one with 14. It's been our weekend cruiser all these years. Found this page and learned a bunch! Glad I never modified it (other than remove air box silencer and advance the timing). Actually have been tempted to sell, but that would upset the family!


  • Welcome! :-)
  • Original owner! That's awesome. Welcome. That was a small dealership so I'm surprised they had three there.
  • Welcome! John and I are both from CT. I'm up 84 near the Mass line. You should bring it to the next Mustangs Unlimited/MCCNE show in Manchester next month!
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