2015 Carlisle Ford Nationals June 5-7, 2015

Starting today and going through December 31, Carlisle Events is offering their holiday discount - 20% off.

When you register, specify "triplewhitefox.com" under club. Even if you bring a non-feature car please do this especially if you have no other club affiliation for that car. There is no need to park with the feature cars to be part of the "club". They do track number of cars per club and it helps.


  • Hoping to make it this year. Only thing holding me back will be if the Mass State Police does something on that same weekend for the 150th anniversary of the MSP.

    For those of you who don't know, I almost pulled the trigger on a cheap project CY/black but after moving to CT, didn't really have the funds, so was not very vocal about it. At the same time as the move, a 1 of 1 Mustang police car came up and a close friend loaned me the money so that I wouldn't miss the opportunity. Some may remember my MSP Bronco I brought two years ago to Carlisle. Now I have the one and only MSP marked (two-tone paint and decaled) Mustang they ever had. With my MSP collection, I wouldn't want to miss being part of a special display for their 150th. If it's a different weekend, I'll attend Carlisle with a single vehicle. Not sure what though.

  • Joe, I've said it before, but it bears repeating. That's a great looking pair of vehicles.
  • Joe, I've said it before, but it bears repeating. That's a great looking pair of vehicles.
    Thanks John!
  • Awesome Joe! We are planning to go Carlisle.
  • Anyone have a link to the registration page?
  • Today is the last day for the 20% holiday discount. Don't forget to register!
  • Have 2 cars registered so far.
  • Earlier this week I reserved the tent for our Carlisle meetup. The cost was $175 so, again this year, I will be looking for donations to help defray the cost. When we meet at the show you are welcome to donate. Traditonally, $10-20 per member has worked. No pressure here - it's most important that we get together. Stop by regardless. It's always good to have some shelter from the sun.

    There is still time to pre-register so you can get your window sticker by mail, be counted toward the triplewitefox.com members and save 10% over the gate price. Pre-registration is available up to May 4th. If we get 25 members to pre-register we get the tent for free. Remember that you can register your car with triplewhitefox.com as the club regardless of whether it is a feature car or not. You can park in any class you want and still be part of the "club".

    This year is the 20th anniversary of the Carlisle Ford Nationals. They are planning a celebration event for Friday afternoon. They have not released any details yet as to what that might entail but add it to you calendars and be on the lookup for more details.

    More information on the 2015 Carlisle Ford Nationals
  • Still nothing on the Mass State Police event, so I decided to register for Carlisle tonight. I'll most likely be bringing the Mass State Police Bronco.
  • Great! I can't wait.
  • Yay Joe! looking forward to seeing everyone
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