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Reproduction VIN labels

Over at the SSP forums, there is a thread on reproduction VIN labels created to gauge the market for such a thing. Ford licensed. About $100 for a set and available for order after the start of 2015. This seems like a good idea for those doing restorations and the like.

Thanks to noac for pointing me to this.


  • How would (MATCHING #s) play into effect , after an accident? Example: If replacing a body panel due to an collision, with a very skilled Paint & Body person, paint entire vehicle, replace (ALL) vin labels with reproduction (then you have a matching #s car?) Yes I think a true car enthusiast *could & would* know the difference, but to the common Car Buyer maybe not. I could see a Dishonest Seller pocketing extra $$$$. I agree for a RESTORATION great idea, would look awesome!!!
  • I absolutely agree about the possible complications for the regular buyer (and that includes myself). I had a discussion via email on this subject and it was brought up that date stamps on parts like fenders can provide an additional point of reference. A regular buyer wouldn't know to look for these. I certainly don't know where to look for them.
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