2012 Carlisle Ford Nationals June 1-3, 2012

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Carlisle Events is having their annual holiday sale on 2012 show registration. Register now until December 31 and save $5 per car registered.


I just registered today. I hope you will join us again. Make sure you select "TRIPLEWHITEFOX.COM" under clubs. This year it looks like we fall into class 222: MUSTANG - 1987 - 1993 MUSTANG-STOCK(EXC. GT,POLICE&SPEC INT)

I will be putting together more details very soon.


  • John...I was just on the site about to register. Did you register for the parade this year? I think I may. Also don't forget about the CJ pony cruise down to the the showfield this year.
  • No I didn't register for the parade. Are you going to? I am sure I could add it to my registration.
  • I most likely will. I liked how they parked them all in the street last year.
  • If you don't want to register for the parade with your car, you could always ride with me again, even though we did cause a lot of trouble last year! :D Now that my health is better than last year, I won't have to leave early, so we should plan dinner or something downtown. Maybe get several from the group to go down?

    I've been meaning to do the CJ Pony Cruise a few times, but I'm not a morning person! lol! Maybe I'll actually be there this year. I may also consider doing the car show Friday night in Hershey at the museum, but not sure about that either.

    And yet another year of tradition... but something has changed up a bit. I'm no longer hosting the information for registration on 5pt0Joe.com. Starting this year, it will be hosted by my new business I'll be building up during 2012, Show Car Customs.

  • Registered! See everybody there!
  • We are going too.. I booked our hotel but have not registered just yet.. probably do that in next couple days.
  • Jim & Amy: glad to hear. I'm looking forward to seeing you both there.
  • I am very bummed out! I will not be at Carlisle this year - first time in many years. In a wedding in Tampa. Should be a good time, but will miss the show.
  • We'll miss you, Tim. There is always next year! I'm sure the wedding will be fun. We'll have a beer in your honor at the Market Cross Pub. Thanks for introducing us to that place!
  • Just a quick update on Carlisle. I registered for the tent. This year the cost is again $175. I will be asking for a contribution of $15-20 from those attending. It is, of course, optional.

    Also, so far confirmed attendees is pretty light. If you have registered or are planning on attending please let me know. A response in this thread would be fine or an email would be equally OK.
  • I don't know if I ever told you or not that I registered under TWF again to help boost numbers.

    About a month left!!!

    I'll have my '88 Ford Police Vehicles Tribute SSP there... in any condition. The bare bones of the restoration will start on the 10th in NH for metal work, make its way north to even north of me for paint in ME, then back home where I'll have about two weeks to install engine, trans, interior, etc... All police equipment will be installed as well. I'm hoping to have decals put on too. Then after Carlisle, the further customizations will be made! You can actually follow the restoration at my business site, ShowCarCustoms.com .
  • Awesome, thanks Joe. Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you. I'll be pulling for you to get it done.
  • Hi TWFers,

    As I mnetioned I am not going to be able to attend the show this year (yes, I'm still crying in my cornflakes!), but wanted to see if anyone is still in need of hotel accomodations. I have a room booked that I need to cancel and maybe if we coordinate we could get someone the room that I will be cancelling. No promises as I don't know Days Inn's policy, but wanted to throw it out there. Let me know if anyone is looking for a room. I need to cancel by Wednesday of next week at the latest. eMail me at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:timothymhess@comcast.net">timothymhess@comcast.net</a><!-- e -->.

  • The map is now online (in the book). Looks like the tent is in a nice central location!

    http://carsatcarlisle.com/pdf/2012_Ford ... ry_web.pdf

    Can't wait to cruise out together too, although I'll be bringing the truck and trailer with an unfinished car on it! Anyone who is cruising, please fill out the form online at showcarcustoms.com! Also, food and beverage will be provided at one of our stops!
  • The map is now online (in the book). Looks like the tent is in a nice central location!
    Cool, I didn't see that it was available.
    Anyone who is cruising, please fill out the form online at showcarcustoms.com!
    I am definitely joining the cruise. But, when I submit the form, I get an error "Error sending email!"

    UPDATE: my submission must have gone through because I got a confirmation email.
  • Ahhh... it did that at first, then I fixed it. I then updated the site, and it appears it is doing that again. Looking into fixing that right now! Thanks!

    There has been a change in plans after the paint guy screwed me over on taking the car (which we had planned for about three months). I was going to take my '96 MA State Police Bronco instead, but since the State of Maine wanted to take my original title, I wanted to keep it with my documentation, so I'm requesting a duplicate title and won't have it in time for the show. I could theoretically trailer it down, but I have decided to bring my 1984 Mustang L with 34K original miles on it and put it in the corral to sell. Let's see how that goes!
  • Well, the boy and I are going to head out for Saturday's show. Even though I am currently "Featureless" we still want to still stop by and hang out a bit.

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone!!
  • Awesome, Ken. For those who would like to keep up with the action, I will be updating our Facebookpage.
  • How was the show?
  • It was great. The weather cooperated on Saturday. Temperatures were cool. We had five limited edition cars at the tent - my triple white, three 1992s and a '90 7-up car. Another triple white was in the next row and it took first place in our class. The show was generally very well attended. Can't wait until the next one.
  • Neither can I John!


    I'm all ready to go back. The trip was wayyyyyyy toooooo short! Luckily I'll be seeing a few folks here in July though!

    Thanks again Mike for letting me ride along!

    It was great to see everyone again!!!
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