Carlisle always surprises

Early Sunday afternoon my son was eager to hit the road after our three days in Carlisle, PA at the Ford Nationals. He was ready to go and a little mad at me that were were staying until mid-afternoon. Truthfully, I was ready to go, too. That was when my phone rang. It was my brother who had attended with us but had the sense to leave first thing on Sunday morning. He was home already. He asked if I had taken a look at the calendar that we all got in our goody bags. No, I hadn't. He said I should look at October 2015. He said that we were in there. Hmmm. So, I did. And, we were.

Mustang 50th merchandise

As many of you know from reading the forums, I applied for and received the Mustang 50th Celebration Kit made available by Ford to qualifying Mustang clubs and Ford dealers. It included several items in bulk intended to be shared with club members. Well, let the sharing begin. I am making available a couple of the items for a nominal fee. I had to pay $200 in shipping and handling fees to get these items and I hope to just recover that money because it is needed to keep the site running. In addition to what is listed, I also have posters which I would like to offer as well. I just need to find a source for tubes to ship the 24" x 36" posters.

"Feature car" collection - cars now for sale individually

Feature Car CollectionRemember that collection of feature cars that was painstakingly assembled and then offerred for sale as a unit? Well, the owners of that collection have just informed me that the cars are now being offerred for sale individually. These are relatively low mileage fox body convertibles and I am told they are original down to interiors and tops. Check out the original listing for details on each of the cars. The contact information remains the same as posted there.

Mustang 50th in Charlotte

We're just about six weeks away from the Mustang 50th celebration! I can't believe how quickly it is coming. Although this is not an 'official' club meetup this is a great opportunity for we feature car owners to get together. It seems like we'll have a pretty good contigent there. Most interest around here has been with the Charlotte location. We've got a good discussion going on it. It looks like registration ends prettty soon (March 15th) so you better get busy if you plan on going.

Forum change

The time has finally come for new forum software. Looking back at forum posts, I first discussed this change almost exactly four years ago. Wow, this took a long time. The reason being is that I have both looked forward to and feared this day. I am mainly concerned about the password change that comes with this migration. Everyone must set a new password on the new forums. I sincerely hope that this does not reduce the number of people who use them. We have a good but small community and I can't afford to lose any of you. Any questions and/or problems can be directed to me. I can reset your password should the automated process fail or update your email address if the one you registered with is out of date. Now for an explanation on why this was necessary...