Carlisle Planning Update

Earlier this week I reserved the tent for our Carlisle meetup. The cost was $175 so, again this year, I will be looking for donations to help defray the cost. When we meet at the show you are welcome to donate. Traditonally, $10-20 per member has worked. No pressure here - it's most important that we get together. Stop by regardless. It's always good to have some shelter from the sun.

Disguise your air silencer removal

One of the things that I look for when I see a fox Mustang that's claimed to be "all stock" and/or "original" is the air silencer. It's just one of the many little OCD things that plague me. While you're still able to detect that it is missing, here's a nice little trick to disguise the most obvious sign that you have removed it - the hole that the removal leaves behind.

A new Facebook Group dedicated to Feature Mustangs

There is a new Facebook group dedicated to Feature Mustangs.

I think it compliments what we are doing here very nicely. It's a great place to share your cars, stories, upcoming shows and for sale findings. It took the initiative of Donny W. to get it going. I'm helping to administer it. It's a small but growing group.

Join it today