Club Sticker (cling both sides)

New design for 2021!

Support you favorite fox-body Mustang site by purchasing the official sticker of the Fox-Body Feature Mustang Club from Let everyone know you are a member of this community!

3" in diameter. This will cling to the inside of your windshield. It is cling and not adhesive so it will probably not be advisable to put this on your side windows. This new version is dual cling and will cling on either side.

When I apply these, I first clean the glass and then spray some glass cleaner or even quick detailer on the cling side of the sticker before applying. This provides some ability to move the sticker for exact placement. Use a squeegee or card to get any bubbles out. This is very much like applying a screen protector to your phone.

Shipping via first class mail.