"Do not wash" Hang Tag

I made this for me but you can have one, too! Is your biggest concern when your car is in for service that it will be washed? Mine is. I create enough swirl marks on my own that I don't need help from someone with a bucket and sponge. So, I designed this hang tag for my car. I used to use a paper version but it was time to step up my game.

This version is made from 35 mil plastic so it's durable enough to last the lifetime of your car as well as transferring it from one car to another. It's got two sides in order for the message to be visible from both inside and outside the car. It will certainly grab the attention of the employee driving the car to the wash bay.

One side has a message for your prized show car.

"Please... DO NOT wash or detail. This vehicle is painstakingly maintained by its owner. Incorrect wash techniques may cause damage."

The other side is for your daily driver which, if it's like mine, may not look special but underneath the mess from the last rain storm is a finish that you still have a lot of time into.

"Please... DO NOT wash or detail. This vehicle is part of a study on the impact of the environment on paint finishes. Any cleaning may reverse the years of neglect. Seriously, the owner does enjoy detailing this car when time allows and prefers not to have the potential for more damage."

It measures 3.75" x 9". It fits a wide variety of car mirrors. I've tested it myself on many.