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Lately, this blog has been Carlisle, Carlisle, Carlisle and if you are not going it probably can get pretty boring. I have been meaning to write about other things. There are plenty of things to write about both Mustang and non-Mustang related. I have tons of other interests that might warrant entries. For instance, I am a huge fan of the show Lost and have some success at predicting what (or the spirit of what) will happen next. It would be interesting to get that in writing. I also have plenty of interests around technology and am very interested in saving energy. Which, by the way, is ironic since I drive a V8 Mustang when I am not driving my Explorer SUV. But, I don’t want to write entries just to write entries. So, here’s another Mustang-related post that isn’t about Carlisle…

The great thing about having this web site is that I not only hear from so many feature cars owners but I also hear from others generally interested in fox-body Mustangs. One recent email is worth sharing. It was from a gentleman who recently purchased a 1993 Mustang LX Hatchback. It was built late in the production cycle: August 11. One of the last “fox bodies”. His question was on the value listed where the transmission code was supposed to be. It was 2BOSS. Very interesting, indeed. A 1993 Boss Mustang? Well, not so fast. I replied that my feeling was that this was a coincidence.

The first digit of the TR code is for the transmission where a 2 means manual. The next two codes are the front spring codes (left and right, respectively) of which “BO” is valid and a combination I have seen before. The “SS” is for the rear spring codes. They are valid digits according to reference material I have but in all of the door tags information I have (all for 1993 LX 5.0 convertibles) I have never seen them used. When BO is specified for the front codes, usually “BB” are the rear and sometimes, “TT”. Even so, 2BOSS is a valid TR code.

And, as far as I know, there was no Boss Mustang in 1993. It’s just an interesting bit of coincidence that might be present on other cars. Hopefully, someone would not use this to present a car as something it wasn’t. And, now that I’ve written this up, I suspect that a search engine might pick it up and hopefully a savvy buyer will use one before proceeding.

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