Spring is in the air as well as thoughts of Mustangs, milestones and meets

Every year around this time when there are some hints that the warm weather is coming, I really start to miss my car. It’s not that I don’t have access to it as it is just out in the garage. It’s just that I’m really eager to get back behind the wheel.

With my car being in storage, I let its “birthday” slip past without realizing it. March 10, 1993 was the build date of my feature car. It’s now 13 years old. All of the other 1993s are turning 13 as well over the next few months. And, the 1992’s are turning 14. Wow. There are plenty of milestone year marks ahead to look forward to. At 15 we might be able to adequately protect the value of our cars with insurance since that seems to be a milestone point in regard to auto value. Also, at least in my area, many of the general car shows (non-Mustang specific) restrict cars by age with 15 years being the youngest I have seen. After that 20 and 25 should be highlights, too.
It’s hard to think about whether we’ll have our cars that far out. I really hope so., although, they change hands ever day.

Speaking of the future, I’m thinking 2007 (the 15 year anniversary of the 1992 feature car) would make a cool time to have a “meet” of feature car owners. I don’t think anything like this has ever been done. It seems like now is the time to start planning it. It would probably be best to piggy back on another major Mustang event. I am going to start thinking about this.

For now, I’m just looking ahead to the good weather and taking my “old” car out for a spin.

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