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Lately, I have been spending large amounts of time on my Mustang hobby which, since my car is still in storage, means this web site and email. A lot of it is involved in organizaing the upcoming reunion. I have corresponded with dozens of people on the topic over the last couple months and it has taken up quite a lot of time. It is well worth it. I have a feeling that the reunion will be a big success.

I also have been spending a lot of time on updates to the site. Even though it may seem like most of the content is static, the entire site is always receiving incremental changes. It seems like I am doing updates several times per week. Some days it is listing a car for sale, others it is updating the Where are they now sections. My latest change is immediately obvious here in The Den.

Blog updates

I have switched blog software. I have done this for a variety of reasons; some of which are only relavant to my experience with it. The new system uses a much more widely accepted and used software and, as such, is more robust. It is a lot easier to use and manage.

I think there are two things about the new system that will make you happy. For one, it is easier to look at and use. The second thing, and the most important, is that it better protects your email address. Email address was optional in the last system when posting comments but, if you entered it, it was exposed to the whole world. In fact, I recognized this early on for my own email address and setup a secondary email address to use in the blog: blog_at_triplewhitefox_dot_com. The only place I have published that address was on the old blog and the amount of spam that I received was way too much. In contast, on my regular address, I receive no spam. I feel bad that your email address has been exposed to this and have finally corrected it.

When you post on this blog your email address is required but it will not be included with your post. It is required only for the purposes of accountability so that bogus messages can be tracked and identified more easily. I hope more of you will consider commenting here. With the new software I can better track the comments. I am still in the process of migrating all of the postings from the old system into this system. Please bear with me for a couple days while that continues.


The other change you probably noticed was a reorganization of the Feature Mustang section. I had some feedback (and have noticed as well) that the use of this site by 1992 feature car owners is much lighter than that by 1993 owners. This can be mainly seen in the number of registry members; 27 for 1992 vs. 153 for 1993. My concern was that this site was viewed by 1992 owners as more 1993-oriented. To correct this I have consolidated the 1992 and 1993 “home” pages into one page that represents both cars. It also contains a single list of “Latest updates”. As I move forward and come up with other ideas to equalize things I will make those changes as necessary. The fact is that there is no other site for the 1992’s and I want to this to be a first class site for them.

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