Carlisle – it’s almost here!

In my last post on Carlisle, I mentioned that only two of the four cars for the indoor display had been confirmed. It now looks like all four cars are in place. The scheduling conflict with the owner of the 1992 Vibrant Red cleared and he can now bring his car. And, they asked me to bring my triple white in for the indoor display and I accepted the offer and submitted my application.

When I first learned they were still looking for a triple white, I have to admit that I considered offering mine. I did not originally go through with it because I wanted it to be with all of the cars that were joining the group. I have spent a lot of time arranging this and encouraging others to attend and it only seemed right that I was on the show field with everyone else. I have been looking forward to the photo opportunities most of all. But, as the deadline neared, a fine example couldn’t be arranged so Mike Poore (who is coordinating the feature cars but, like me, is not officially affiliated with Carlisle) suggested that I submit mine. So, after a little thought, I did. Once I did, the Carlisle people stated that they had expected mine to be the indoor example all along?!

I couldn’t pass it up because I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will definitely add to the history of my car. It is going to be a lot more work to get my car ready. My car is nice but I now feel that I need to take it to the next level in order to be of the same caliber as the other cars being displayed there. My general opinion on my car has been that it is nice but not the quality required for something like this. But, as with many things, I sometimes get obsessed with the little imperfections and it spoils the bigger picture. I’m sure my car will be just great there.

My wheels are definitely the weak point of my cars appearance. But, the good news is that I have a new set waiting to be installed. I just need to find tires since my current set is now 7 years old and, though they still have decent tread, I can’t see putting something that old on new wheels. So, I am in the process of locating something to replace them with. It’s a bit of a challenge to the purist in me since all of the OE options are now discontinued. I want to remain as close to original as possible so Goodyear Eagle F1’s are probably out of the question. I’ll post soon on what I have found regarding tires and what I ultimately go with. I have started a discussion thread on this topic to hear your suggestions.

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  1. Congrats on getting your car under the roof! I had my 95 Cobra Hartop Convert. under the roof a few years back and it was awesome! I had to send it pics of my car for the programs and they also took a pic of it on a “winners circle” and gave me a nice plaque with picture. It is still hanging in my office! After reading your write up I was the same way with it….no one saw any flaws but I did. At the time the car had about 25K on it while most of the other newer cars had under 10K. Just know that your car will be positioned behind ropes so people will not get close to the car. If you have any thing to display do it. I ended up bringing the hartop dolly and install video to display and made a sign for the car to display the window sticker and SVT certificates using a poster frame. It was not as professional as some but it worked.

    If you have any questions on parking under the roof I’d be happy to answer.

    Congrats again!


  2. Thanks for the information and congratulations Ken.

    I have a sign that I made but did not think about bringing it. After reading your comments I definitely will have to take it. One thing someone mentioned is that my car will be displayed with top down. That relieves me somewhat since my top has a couple of cracks on the seams as well as some discoloration. It has actually prompted me to postpone my top replacement instead of tyrying to get it done before Carlisle. I would not want my car to sit there for a few days with a brand new top folded. What it has made me do is to find a new boot becuase mine is black and that is not correct.

    I’m really excited about this!

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