Made it!

Well, I actually made it to Carlisle and the car is in one piece. We rolled into there around 6:00 PM and had an hour to detail the car after the 300+ mile trip before they kicked us out at 7:00 PM in order to close the building. Road construction sucks. Here is a picture I took just as they were closing the building. It’s not the best picture I ever took but it will have to do.

Carlisle 2007 Indoor Display

I promise to post lots more pictures but probably not until I get back. I still have yet to visit the tent location. I’m sure others will get there before I do tomorrow. I need to get some rest. It was quite a day and I couldn’t have done it without help from my Dad! He’s the blurry guy in the background of the picture.

5 thoughts on “Made it!

  1. John,

    The photo looks great! I am looking forward to hearing all about the trip (or should I call it an adventure!). Hope your return trip is easier than your trip down.


  2. @Kevin,

    Thanks! I just got back a couple hours ago after another uneventful 300 miles. Only a little rain which was not bad for a day with a lot of rain predicted. I plan to post a wrap-up in the next few days.

  3. Hello to all. What a great time and what an awesome turn out of features! My 1220 mile journey went off without any problems and the ole car did great. I did hit some heavy rain on the way home but all it did was wash off the dead bugs that I would have had to get off any way. Special shout out to John for all the prep work and getting the tent set up through the event coordinators with out it we would have fried. Also to all from VA and Ill it was great meeting you all. Sincerely Chet

  4. John, thanks for pulling all of us together this weekend. It was a great time for all and I appreciate all of your work to get the tent and get us all grouped together. To see over 10 red features grouped together all at once must be some sort of record!!! I’ll post some pics on the Forum.

    As a new owner I really appreciated being able to talk with all of the owners and trade information…what a great group of people! I hope we can pull this off again next year as the white and yellows hit their 15th year. Count me in!

    Thanks again!

    Ken (the one with the ripped seat and Cobra R’s!!)

  5. @chet: My pleasure. Thanks for making the trip!

    I haven’t calculated my gas mileage for the entire trip because I haven’t filled up since I got back, but, going down and partway back I averaged 26 mpg. Not bad. Chet, I know you did better…

    @cobra2top: it was nice meeting you as well as your brother on Saturday. I overheard a discussion of the number of red cars while I was in Building T. I can’t take responsibility for getting those cars setup. Paul from Quebec was an early arrival on Saturday that was instrumental.

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