Good stuff from my inbox

It seems like a good time to share some of the things recently coming through my inbox.

I commented in the forum on chrome pony wheels and the difficulty finding them. Well, I got an email from a regular visitor, Ron, which informed me that CJ Pony Parts still lists them. Also, I was reviewing my FAQ and I had a link there to the Ford Racing catalog where they appeared. They are still listed there.

Being a person who uses acronyms all of the time I sometimes refer to Triple White Fox as “TWF”. In fact, the Forums on this site are called the TWF Forum. I didn’t really much think about it until I recently received an email with the subject “help please!!!! on the wtf forum”. Obviously a typo, but, I had to laugh because there is an alternate meaning to WTF. Maybe that person types that expression a lot and didn’t notice it. I still type explorer all of the time when I mean explore.

Mike from Texas sent me this from the San Antonio Mustang Club Car Show on October 28, 2007. Mike’s triple white took first place for the fourth consecutive year!

San Antonio Mustang Club Car Show

You don’t see many pictures with all three cars like this. There was a 7-up car there as well. Congratulations Mike!

Finally, from one of the members of our military who owns a feature car at Seymour Johnson AFB, NC:

Seymour Johnson AFB, NC

Very cool. That car has 14,500 original miles!

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