1992 Feature Car Canadian Exports

In my mind it has never been clear exactly how many 1992 Feature Cars were built in total and, from those, how many were exported. I have seen a couple of numbers reported for the actual number built as described in my 1992 feature car FAQ. As mentioned there, the only number of exports that I have heard is 163. A Canadian 1992 feature car owner sent me this scan of the 1992 Hot Sheet distributed to Canadian dealers.

1992 Canadian

I previously had this document only in French but now, with this version, I can actually read it. The newest piece of information for me is the mention of 75 exports to the Canadian market.

Like so many Mustang models and series before it, the Special Edition Mustang LX 5.0L Convertible is destined to attract the attention of automobile collectors everywhere. But, they’ll have to act fast. Only 75 Special Edition models will be available for the entire Canadian market, making them even more special!

Of course, this is marketing information likely written before the actual cars were produced. So, even with this important piece of information, the question remains; just how many were there?

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